Monday, May 12, 2014

It's been a while since I have posted anything on my blog. Not that nothing is going on. In January I had a big, wonderful surprise. The past Nov. I had entered the 147 American Watercolor International Juried Exhibition that is held in New York. I had been entering that show for about 25 years and never got a painting accepted and didn't give the acceptance notice date much attention this time. But to my surprise, my piece was accepted this year. It was a painting that had taken 1st place in the North Carolina Annual Juried Show, 'Varanasi on the Ganges'. It was a large painting, larger then any box that I had on hand. The creation of the shopping box required almost as much time and effort as doing the painting! It arrived safely and was on display from April 1 thru the 20th.
Acceptance to the AWS show is considered a high achievement for a watercolor painter and shows the best chosen by a panel of judges. Artists must have paintings accepted in three shows to be considered for Signature Membership. So, two more to go!
The Southern Watercolor Society show in Texas this year had also accepted a painting.
I had not accepted commissions for quite some time but had promised one several years ago. When the person called to see if I would find time to do it I agreed to fulfill that promise. It was the big white barn on the Warren Wilson campus with the ranges of mountains in behind. She was so pleased with the result.
The National Watercolor Society show that I had been working to enter in a recent blog was successful. It is almost on equal footing with the AWS show. There, I only have to have one more painting accepted to be invited to become a member.
It is that time of the year for Quick Draw in Waynesville. Usually the last Sat. in April it was scheduled for the 17 of May this year. Just today I have finished the drawing for the 'practice' painting in the studio. I have to be sure that I can finish the piece in one hour. Usually, I find myself several minutes over the hour and then have to figure out where I can cut corners to save enough time to do all the needed finishing touches that make a successful painting. I'll let you know how it turns out after Sat.